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Arturo Di Filippi

DIMEC - Dept. of Mech. Engin.
University of Salerno
84084 Fisciano (Salerno), Italy
Ph. +39 089 964239

Skype: arturodif

Born in Salerno in 1986. He received the master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 at University of Salerno, with final grade 110/110 with honours. He worked as Visiting Scholar at The Ohio State University in the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) for 7 months. His activity was the research in battery aging and life estimation of Li-ion batteries under real-world driving condition for PHEVs. He is currently research scholar at the University of Salerno, working on alternative and renewable energy sources (fuel cells, solar vehicles) and internal combustion engines.
Author of 2 papers on fault tree analysis and fault diagnosis schemes in SOFC systems and model-based life estimation of Li-ion batteries in PHEVs.

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