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Corey Ribotsky
Corey Ribotsky has more than 14 years of experience painting in watercolor. He tried acrylics for a while, but found that they lacked the transparency of watercolours. He enjoyed lithography, but got into terrible messes with the inks.

In the beginning, Corey painted on location. At this time, he maintains that family vacations were also painting holidays, but his sister says it was the other way around. "Coey would always want to paint in an area beyond the black stump, and the family would tag along." The journeys back then were much more dramatic with a family of four and all their gear packed into a Ford Prefect that traveled over rough gravel roads. His favorite places to paint are the beach and the banks of the Hadson River.

He earned a MFA degree in Fine Arts from The School of Visual Arts New York City. His work hangs in public and private collections throughout the world. Along with magazine, newspaper and television features, Corey has received numerous national awards.

Corey's paintings are explorations of mood and place. He has always been fascinated by color and the way subtle value changes can transform a flat plane into a three-dimensional object. He is continually drawn to the "language" of watercolor, the way the pigment flows over the paper and how it can either explode with vigor or blend slowly with a wet to dry technique.

Nature is Corey's source of inspiration. He will paint whatever is blooming at the moment. During the fall, he will paint autumn leaves. In the winter, he will paint snow on bamboo or pine. Mother nature always provides.
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