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Aldin Jusic

Kantonalna bolnica Zenica
Služba za neurohirurgiju
Crkvice 67
72000 Zenica

Journal articles

Aldin Jusić, Rasim Skomorac, Hakija Beculić (2011)  [Dorsal extrusion of intervertebral disc as a cause of cauda equina syndrome].   Med Pregl 64: 7-8. 419-421 Jul/Aug  
Abstract: We have presented a case of rare dorsally sequestrated lumbar disc herniation manifesting as cauda equina syndrome. The patient was admitted to the Neurological Department of Canton Hospital Zenica due to urinary retention and weakness in both lower extremities. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a compressing mass located in the dorsal extradural space at the L2-L3 level. An extruded intervertebral disc was found intraoperatively. The decompression was followed by good recovery.
Rasim Skomorac, Jasmin Delic, Aldin Jusic, Hakija Beculic, Alma Bajtarevic, Eldira Hadzic (2011)  Morphometric changes of the lumbar intervertebral space following discectomy on one or two levels.   Med Glas Ljek komore Zenicko-doboj kantona 8: 2. 249-254 Aug  
Abstract: To investigate a potential difference in postoperative morphological changes of two-level lumbar disc surgery as compared to one level surgery.
Hakija Beculic, Rasim Skomorac, Aldin Jusic, Alma Mekic Abazovic, Alma Bajtarevic (2011)  Chronic epidural haematoma mimicking meningioma.   Med Glas Ljek komore Zenicko-doboj kantona 8: 1. 63-65 Feb  
Abstract: The study presents a rare case of organised chronic epidural haematoma that imitated a meningioma. A patient was admitted to the Department of Neurology of the Cantonal Hospital Zenica due to loss of consciousness and right hemiparesis. Non-contrast Computed Tomography (CT) scan had shown an expansive intracranial process in the left parietal region which was radiologically diagnosed as a meningioma. During the operation a linear skull fracture and organised chronic epidural haematoma were found.
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