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Eli Mirlis
Eli Mirlis, licensed nursing home administrator and CEO at RegalCare Management Group, has the primary responsibility of planning, organizing, and supervising the delivery of care to residential patients. As the company's CEO, he works hard to ensure RegalCare Facilities are adhering to the latest healthcare regulations for high-quality service. On a typical workday, Mr. Mirlis is involved in managing patient fees, creating work schedules, keeping service records, communicating with medical staff, directing fun activities for live-in patients, overseeing the admissions process, training new employees, and purchasing medical equipment. In addition to that, he often attends meetings regularly with physicians, therapists, families, and local governing boards.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of Medicare, Medicaid, bylaws and other legal policies, he remains fully aware of residents' rights so that they can optimize the quality of their long-term stay. The ability to translate state and federal guidelines into effective nursing home practices allows for RegalCare Facilities to run smoothly as both a business and as a haven of compassionate care.

Eli Mirlis has excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with staff, collaborate with executive directors, and speak with health insurance representatives. This Licensed Nursing Home Administrator is knowledgeable about the latest new healthcare laws and has the analytical skills to make needed policy changes. Mr. Mirlis is detail-oriented which helps him to keep the record-keeping process as streamlined and organized as possible. Leadership, critical thinking, managerial, problem-solving, and ethical decision-making skills are also some of the qualities he possess. He is also skilled at using electronic health technologies.

Last year, Eli Mirlis was named a 2020 Future Leader by Skilled Nursing News. The Future Leaders Awards program is designed to recognize up-and-coming industry members who are shaping the next decade of senior housing, skilled nursing, home health and hospice care. With his award, Eli Mirlis was recognized by his peers as a passionate worker who knows how to put vision into action, and an advocate for seniors, and the committed professionals who ensure their well-being.
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