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Ephraim Zagelbaum

Ephraim Zagelbaum is the Founder and CEO of Personal Healthcare and began his career in healthcare in 2003 as Administrator of Windsor Park Nursing Home in Queens Village, New York. He excelled quickly and purchased his first nursing home just 5 years later in 2008.

Since then he has been responsible for creating the vision and providing the strategic leadership of Personal Healthcare as it continues to increase resident care outcomes and overall facility performance on an ongoing and steady basis. Zagelbaum has a unique problem-solving ability and is the quintessential leader. The company currently owns or in contract to purchase 10+ nursing homes within New York and Massachusetts totaling more than 1,300 beds. Ephraim has earned himself an incredible reputation within the nursing home industry via his keen understanding and leadership skills.

Ephraim Zagelbaum is a graduate of Touro College with Bachelor degree in Business and Accounting. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Seton Hall University and lives in Rockland County with his wife and four children.

Ephraim Zagelbaum is active publishing nursing homes related articles to his website.

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