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Miguel Ángel Luque Fernández

Harvard School of Public Health
Department of Epidemiology;
Research Fellow Harvard University, School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology 2012 - 2015
MSc: Medical Statistics-Biostatistics. BCA: Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia. University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia, 2012-2015
Post-doctoral fellow, University of Cape Town, Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Research (CIDER) 2010-2012
European PhD in Public Health and Preventive Medicine (Epidemiology), 2006-2010 (Spain & Belgium)
MSc: Field Epidemiology Training Program 2007-2009, (National Centre of Epidemiology, Spain & Epicentre, Brussels office, Belgium)
MPH: Concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 2006-2007 (Belgium, ULB)
MPH & Health Management, 2005-2006 (Spain)
Post Graduate diploma in Medical Statistics, 2004-2005 (Spain)
MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology, 2000-2004 (Spain)
B.Sc in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Midwife) 1997-1999 (Spain)
B.Sc in Health Sciences, 1990-1993 (Spain)

Research Interest:

Perinatal Epidemiology
Cholera and Global Health
Social Epidemiology
Field Epidemiology

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