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GEA Grupo de Edafología Ambiental - Environmental Soil Science Group

Department of Agrochemistry and Environment
University Miguel Hernández
Edificio Alcudia, Avda de la Universidad s/n. 03202 Elche Alicante Spain
Multidisciplinary group working in Soil Science (backgrounds of Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science) . Colaborations with Geographers, Statisticians.

Research lines:

* Soil quality
* Soil pollution
* Soil degradation and remediation
* Fire effects on soils
* Use of wastes in soils
* Land management
* GIS and Remote sensing applied to soil studies
* Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) to soil and organic wastes studies
* Soil water repellency
* Hidrogeology in semiarid areas
* Applied mineralogy and environmental geochemistry

The most relevant publications in scientific journals are listed below:
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