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Hans-Rudolf Weiß

Schroth Best Practice Academy
Haarbergweg 2
55546 Neu-Bamberg
Hans Rudolf Weiss, MD, orthopedic surgeon, physical medicine practitioner, and chiropractor is the former Medical Director of the Katharina Schroth Spinal Deformities Rehabilitation Center, Bad Sobernheim, Germany and the Spinal Deformities Rehabilitation Clinic, Gensingen, Germany. Currently, Weiss serves as senior consultant for Koob Scolitech GmbH, Neu Bamberg, Germany where he oversees quality management of computer-aided brace designs for his innovative spinal braces created for patients around the world.

Weiss is the grandson of Katharina Schroth, creator of the Schroth method. He is responsible for the newest, more patient-friendly evolution of the Schroth method, known as Schroth Best Practice and serves as the chairperson of the Schroth Best Practice Academy.

Weiss is the creator of the Gensingen brace (GBW) for scoliosis as well as other spinal braces for a variety of spinal conditions. He has more than 500 publications related to spinal deformities ( He is a founding member of SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment).

His years of experience and collaborations with Dr. Jacques Cheneau involving scoliosis bracing included numerous educational courses presented at the Katharina Schroth Clinic in Bad Sobernheim. His expertise in the principles of three-dimensional curve and trunk correction are unsurpassed and represented in his state of the art brace designs.
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