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Ingemar Pongratz

Fenix Sscientific AB
Tibastvägen 33
13835 Älta
Ingemar Pongratz is Founder of Fenix Scientific AB. Fenix Scientific AB is a research intensive company aiming to conduct research based on the AhR. Fenix Scientific AB has recently been selected by the Swedish Government Incubator ALMI to join their Business Incubator for Growth (B.I.G.) programme based on the innovative ideas presented by Ingemar Pongratz and Fenix Scientific AB. Fenx Scientific AB will ths benefit of the large contact network available at ALMI and will be able to estblish the necessary collaborations to drive the business concept of Fenix Scientific AB forward.

Ingemar Pongratz research career and research accomplishments include close to 40 peer reviewed scientific articles, successful supervision of close to 15 Ph D students and post-docs and frequent participation in meetings and conferences as a speaker.

Ingemar Pongratz research was focused on characterization of the molecular biology of nuclear hormone receptors, in particular the estrogen receptors and the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). In these areas Ingemar Pongratz research provided key information regarding the crosstalk between these receptor proteins and on how environmental pollutants and chemical contaminants can interfere with hormonal signalling pathways.

Fenix Scientific AB also supports clients who wish to expand their funding base by applying for public sources such as Horizon 2020 EU funded research projects. For this purpose Ingemar Pongratz launched Pongratz Consulting, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fenix Scientific AB.

Fenix Scientific AB is currently launching a whole set of new products and services, aimed to support client who are interested in the benefits offered by EU funded projects. These services include Communication and Administration support, dedicated web-pages for research projects such as Horizon 2020 funded projects and Social Media strategy development and updating. Further down the line Fenix Scientific will also launch scientific activities as well. The aim is to establish Fenix Scientific AB as a one stop shop for clients who wish to apply, administer and communicate EU funded projects.

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