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Kamal Chaouachi ("Kamel")
Não sou nada. Nunca serei nada. Não posso querer ser nada. À parte isso, tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo” (Fernando Pessoa, Tabacaria, 1928)["Je ne suis rien. Je ne serai jamais rien. Je ne peux rien vouloir être. A part ça, je porte en moi tous les rêves du monde"]
2015: NEW CASE OF PLAGIARISM by US-AUB & WHO (World Health Organisation) expert in the "Tobacco Control" journal
Performed by Ghazi ZAATARI (GZ), from the US-AUB (US-American University of Beirut) and WHO TobReg, in an article published in the March 2015 issue (Suppl.; vol. 24) of the “Tobacco Control” journal titled "Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: A Global Epidemic". GZ was the main co-author's partner and "peer-reviewer" of the WHO flawed report on ««waterpipe»» published 10 years ago. In their biased pseudo-scientific "review" of health studies, GZ and his colleagues have paraphrased entire paragraphs of our early comprehensive Tetralogy on Hookah & Health published in Tabaccologia in 2005 (particularly Part 3). Action will be taken as there have been precedents of this among Lebanese researchers (see further down). Meanwhile, see here a global response to such behaviours.
Kamal Chaouachi (pronounced as Japanese patronym "Sha-wa-shi"). Researcher working on complex issues: particularly those related to the health of populations , as the Middle East Peace Pipe has become (a "global epidemic" according to the WHO); pre-Columbian mummies ; Maltese language ; (see here what a complex problem is). ALL THIS, in the globally hostile environment for this type of research everybody knows… Previously worked at international level on the prevention of drug abuse. Then, through 15 years of research in the present field, medical anthropology has been privileged as the most relevant approach to the issue. Solid hard-scientific background (in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and electronics, studied at university). Holder of a post-graduate diploma in Tobacco Science from the University of Paris (1998). Author of a 420-page 850-substantial-footnote comprehensive transdisciplinary doctoral thesis, sealing 5 years of research and bridging between social and biomedical sciences (Summa cum laude [Highest honours]. Viva examiners: Pr Pierre Bouvier (CNRS, Univ. Paris X); Pr Robert Molimard (Univ. Paris XI-XII & Psdt Societe Tabacologie); Pr François Georgeon, EHESS & CNRS)). Native of Tunisia-Middle East. Taught the science of water-filtered tobacco smoke to French doctors (University of Paris XI-XII, 2006-2010). Scientific collaborator of various research centres in Asia, Africa and Europe. Interview on world tobacco policy [Interview en FRANCAIS ici], [Interview Italiano 2013 (Controcampus)] and New 2010 (SciTopics). . Click to get this page translated into : Arabic ; Spanish ; French.

3 MAJOR FAR-REACHING CONCRETE FINDINGS : One-decade long unrestricted open scientific debate-driven research crowned so far by at least 3 major results:

1) (medical anthropology) the oriental peace pipe as the oldest tobacco harm reduction technique of the world (e.g., see cancer studies 2007-8; +150, 000 views on main site only);
2) (linguistic anthropology) the very –chiefly, though not exclusively- Tunisian origins of the Maltese language (see book 2014 );
3) (social & cultural anthropology) puzzling out with success the mind-boggling counter-intuitive source of the global "epidemic" of the religious veil (ongoing publication).


> 2015: Use & Misuse of Barbecues . Also: Cats & Dogs .

> 2013: Syria on My Mind: The Middle East Peace Pipe, Science, Public Health and Geopolitics: an open letter to the singular US-Syrian political opponent, organiser of the first world festival of pseudoscience on the issue (The Emirates, 20-23 Oct 2013)

> Jul 2013: Ce qu'il faut savoir sur le calumet de la paix oriental et la santé en 2013 [la même chose en 2015...] [The Middle East Peace Pipe & Health 2013 : What You Should Know [the same in 2015...]]

> Oct 2013: First Prohibitionist International Conference against the Middle East Peace Pipe (Emirates, 20-23 Oct 2013): to celebrate one decade of pseudoscience.

SUMMARY OF RESEARCH (author or chief co-author)(related to the Middle East Peace Pipe issue only, not the previous ones):

Note: The followed research guidelines are in agreement with the principle of classic Greek & Arab science: i.e. >what has been built on an unsound basis is unsound (Ma buniya ‘ala batil fa huwa batil). The best concrete example is that of a one decade-aged multimillion dollar literature labelled ««waterpipe»» (particularly summarised in our 2013 critique published in the British J of Cancer) known for its open reductionism, frauds (e.g. « nicotine addiction ») and many other methodological tricks (see below). As for the philosophy of that research, it is driven by Harm Reduction (vs. theirs: blind, illusory, aggressive, "eradication" (sic)):

> Two transdisciplinary research Books: (1) Tout savoir sur le narguile : societe, histoire, culture et sante [English > see there: Everything about hookahs: societies, culture, history, health] (Paris, Maisonneuve & Larose, 2007, 256 pages); (2) " Le narguile : Anthropologie (Paris, L'Harmattan, 1997, 266 pages)

> First world studies on: Hookah Smoking and Cancer aetiology [2008]; its Radiological Hazards [2008] and its ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) (Passive Smoke) [2009] including Public Health recommendations; the methodological critique of the WHO flawed report on "“waterpipe"" smoking [2006] prepared by 20 WHO top tobacco experts (most of them from the USA). The 2 first sentences of this report contain 2 errors... Pioneering study on Trace Elements (heavy metals) in various oriental smoking mixtures [2014] (see list further down).

> First measurements of alveolar and ambient CO (Carbon Monoxide) in smoking lounges in 1997. Issued the first Public Health recommendations in this respect (Alcoologie 1999; republished Epidemiology&Public Health 2007).

> First technical and critical comprehensive reviews (1998, 2000, 2004, 2005-6) on this issue: Tetralogy on hookah and health .

> Methodological critique (2009) of the WHO & US American University of Beirut’s Flawed Narghile Smoking Machine (behind the global confusion: e.g. above WHO flawed report, one 30-minute hookah session = up to 450 cigarettes...)[BBC story] and its smoking topography (published in Libyan [Jamahiriya] medical journal). Levels of toxic chemicals skyrocket and vary up to +70 times and even hundred times between two "studies"… Read critique in British Journal of Cancer

2013. Times are a changing... Interestingly, the new creed is that “hookah smoking carries many of the same health risks and has been linked to many of the same diseases caused by cigarette smoking” (American Lung Association). Not only is such a statement in full contradiction with the substance of the ««waterpipe»» "scientific" literature over the last half decade (1 pipe equals up to 450 cigs...), but is it also totally antiscientific and even more deceitful than the previous ones.

2013-2016: Cutting-edge transdisciplinary psycho-pharmacology / medical anthropology research by international team: 1) exposing another great scientific fallacy: Hookah (shisha, narghile) use as a gateway to cigarette smoking ; 2) "The buzz effect and its model : from nicotine receptors to carboxyhemoglobin levels" . Related research: 3) "Hookah initial use among teenagers: a "vaccine" against cigarette smoking? Public health & macroeconomical implications".

PLAGIARISM & METAPLAGIARISM: In France, an extensive part of this work was plagiarised in the form of a “"book"” titled "Tout ce que vous ne savez pas sur la chicha" (Editions MARGAUX-ORANGE). Its "authors" are Bertrand Dautzenberg, president of OFT (Office Français du Tabagisme), the French top national antismoking authority, and Jean-Yves Nau, columnist with Le Monde national newspaper and collaborator of Revue Médicale Suisse ( type “nau jy” here) with drawings by "Charb", i.e. Stéphane Charbonnier from the "Charlie Hebdo" journal. The above publisher (Stéphane Arbouze, Dir. Editions MARGAUX-ORANGE, whose products are financially supported by the great names of the Pharmaceutical Industry [browse its site]) defends such a practice and ""peer-reviewed"" articles (Jacques Prignot, Annie Sasco et al. in International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease; Becquemin et al. in Revue des Maladies Respiratoires) have openly cited this great fraud. Evidence here : Letter published in a peer-reviewed biomedical journal (English and Italian) and comparative table there. NEW:Supporting Editorial by Tabaccologia. In Belgium, Jean Paul Vooren, "Editeur responsable"(sic) of FARES, has then marketed a laundered recycled version of the above ""book"", ""peer-reviewed"" by Jacques Prignot and Pierre Nys. Such a deed qualifies for Metaplagiarism (Metaplagiat).

NEW CASE OF PLAGIARISM 2013 ("Addiction Journal" in the UK) : Olivia MAYNARD (UK)’s paper in November issue of “Addiction” Journal (Ed.-in-chief: Robert West).

Funding & competing interests: none/zero vs. $ 10 MILLION (now estimate over $ 20 MILLION) for antismoking research backed by the pharmaceutical industry (nicotine patches, gums, Chantix, etc.). The marketing label of the latter is easy identifiable: ““waterpipe””. By Spring 2011, we identified a new source of funding: the Tobacco Industry (cigarettes) itself... Read Big Tobacco & Big Pharma Against "Oriental" Hookah Outsider. See our detailed acknowledgement (with pictures...) of our potential competing Interests. This is not all (2012). See HERE how the US-Syrian & US-Lebanese ««waterpipe»» prohibitionist group (Wasim MAZIAK/Thomas EISSENBERG/Alan SHIHADEH/Kenneth WARD/Jack HENNINGFIELD/GLOBALINK) has recently intended to block the (non-US, i.e. not their money) funding of an independent Harm Reduction Project. Their only “scientific” arguments were that "Harm Reduction doesn't work" and that KC is a key researcher in the project...

Legalised Spying of Whistle-Blowers at the University of California at San Francisco: Non-US Citizen's Private Postal (paper) Letter Illegally Opened , Scanned & Published by "Legacy Foundation" (UCSF)…

An important note about their “methods”(apart from "classical" plagiarism, systematic bias, facts twisting and forging of "evidence", pressures on Editors, spying & libel): for almost each of our publications of importance, the ««waterpipe»» antismoking group (mainly: Maziak, Shihadeh, Eissenberg, authors of the WHO flawed report) has pressured Editors & Journals in a desperate intent to get each of them them UN-PUBLISHED. Just one example (among many) about a disturbing paper exposing the fallacy of the manipulation through so-called ««systematic reviews»»: (full details here).

Who are the ««waterpipe»» experts ? Unfortunately, the great majority of those who pretend to do research on this issue and study the "health effects" are not medical doctors. As researchers, they do not even have a decent understanding of tobacco science fundamentals. For instance, US-American University of Beirut have gone so far as stating in a medical journal that tar is to be found in the tobacco plant… ignoring it only appears with smoke… What is even worse is that when they are physicians, their scientific contribution to the global public health issue is (due to their reductionist functionalist nominalist approach) mainly limited to fuelling more confusion; the one the world has been witnessing for more than one decade now. See, e.g., prestigious tobacco researcher Dr Wasim Maziak (Head US-Syrian anti-""waterpipe"" "research" centre in Aleppo; chief author of WHO Flawed Report, 2005), pretending to study dependence and claiming in the media that the oriental pipe is “More Addictive than Cocaine" (no comment)...

Last but not least: The below list represents “the tip of the iceberg” only... When confusion is spreading (on purpose) like fire, listen to Reason (Jacob SULLUM)... When chaos in this field has become global and science turned authoritarian in this unbalanced unconventional showdown, Letters to the Editors are a moral duty and always a victory on censorship and totalitarianism (cf. lessons from the so-called ““Arab Spring””). For example, Important short Letter in the British Journal of Cancer (2013) exposes one decade of anti-scientific claims in this field.
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