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Plosha Khanum, Khalid Hussain, Kazim Ali, AMir Farooq, Zia-ul-Hussnian, Shahid Afghan (2006)  Review of imperative biotechnology advances utilized for challenging improvement in sugarcane   Indian Sugar  
Abstract: Globally, sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) is a main source for sugar production followed by sugar beet. The crop occupies about one million hectares of land in Pakistan. Advances in science, and breakthrough in molecular biology of plants have created a new era for scientists to improve crops and made a marked impact on all aspects sugarcane. Its wide-ranging of applications and scope in sugarcane tissue culture and molecular marker technology helped to develop resistant clones against major diseases (red rot, smut and pokha boeing) and clones of higher yield potential. Plant tissue culture had lead to rapid micro-propagation of desired clones for better and vigorous growth and virus free stock. Molecular marker technology are used for the selection of specific characters like estimation of genetic variability, identification of quantitative trait loci, tagging of major genes, detection of pathogens in germplasm and to reduce the possibility of mislabeling during replanting or distribution. In this paper, emerging biotechnology innovations made in sugarcane tissue culture and molecular marker technology are complied.
rabbi Fazli, Khalid Hussain, M Rafiq  Evaluation of different rose cultivars under the agro-climatic conditions of Hattar, Haripur   Sarhad Journal of Agriculture NWFP Pakistan 20: 4. 4 3  
Abstract: Different rose cultivar were included in this trial and its growth and flower qulity production was studied.
Khalid Hussain, Fazli Rabbi, Ubaidullah Akber, M Rafiq  Effect of different conc. of IAA on growth and yield of black seeds (Nigella sativa L.)   Sarhad Journal of Agriculture NWFP Pakistan 19: 4. 2 12  
Abstract: Research was conducted to assess the effect of different concentrations of Indole acetic acid (IAA) on growth and yield of black seeds(Nigella sativa L.) at the Qarshi Herb Centre, Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Hattar, Dist. Haripur, NWFP, Pakistan in 2003. At the seedling stage different concentrations of IAA (0, 1000, 2000, 3000 ppm) were applied as foliar spray. The experiment was laid out as Completely Randomized Block Design (CRBD) with four replicates. Maximum increase in number of leaves, shoot and root lengths, fresh weights were observed with 3000 ppm of IAA. Shoot dry weight and yield increased equally at all concentrations of IAA. So, it was concluded that IAA has significant increasing effects on growth and yield in black seeds.
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