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Michael S Engel

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas 66045
United States
msengel [AT]
Senior Curator, Division of Entomology
University Distinguished Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Curator-in-Charge, Division of Entomology
Courtesy Professor, Department of Geology
Courtesy Distinguished Professor, Museum Studies Program
Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History
Fellow, Linnean Society of London
Fellow, The Paleontological Society
Fellow, The Entomological Society of America
Fellow, The Royal Entomological Society of London

Current Editorial Positions:
Editor-in-Chief, Novitates Paleoentomologicae
Editor, Palaeontology
Editorial Board, Annales Zoologici
Editorial Board, Current Biology
Editorial Board, Entomologist's Monthly Magazine
Editorial Board, Palaeoentomology
Editorial Board, Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne
Editorial Board, Bulletin of Khorezm Ma'mum Academy
Editorial Advisory Board, Cretaceous Research
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Earth Science
Editor Emeritus, Journal of Melittology

BA, Chemistry, University of Kansas, 1993
BSc, Physiology & Cell Biology, University of Kansas, 1993
PhD, Entomology, Cornell University, 1998