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Philippe Djemia

Philippe Djemia
LSPM UPR-CNRS 3407 – Université Paris 13
99 Avenue J.B. Clément
93430 Villetaneuse

Research Team : Elasticity and plasticity in thin films & surface acoustic waves

Tel. 0149403482
Fax. 0149403938

Short Curriculum vitae
• 1994: Materials Engineer
• 1994: Master Thesis in Lasers applications
• 1998: PhD Thesis in the field of “Brillouin light scattering and elasticity in multilayers”
• 1998: Associate professor in Materials Science and Physics at the IUT de Saint Denis (University Paris 13)
• 2009: Full professor at the University Paris 13

• Materials Science and Physics at the Institute of Technology of Saint Denis
• Head of Materials Science and Engineering department (2007-2013)

Research interest
• Inelastic light scattering, surface acoustic waves, elastic properties of thin films and nanostructures
• See some illustrations
• Publications: see also ResearchID link or Researchgate

2001-2004 : ACI DELTAMU with LMDH (UPMC, B. Perrin, Coordinator) and LMP(Poitiers university, G. Abadias, Local coordinator).
2008&2009 : BQR Development of cluster of PC for first principles calculations of structural and elastic properties of disordered binary or ternary solid solutions.
2008 : Stottes Program (French-Danish cooperation, French Embassy) with the Danish Technological Institute on nitrides films optimisation for cutting tools manufacturing.
2009 : BQR Micro-tensile test device to be coupled to the Brillouin light scattering technique.
2011-2013: ANR SPINSTRESS (Coordinator : D. Faurie, LSPM) - responsible of task.
2013 : BQR ACOUSPIN Laser ultrasonics for multilayers characterizations.
2013-2015 : CNANO-IdF ACOUSPIN Laser ultrasonics for multilayers characterizations.
2013-2016: ANR M-Eranet MC2 (Coordinator : G. Abadias, Institut PPRIME université de Poitiers) - responsible of task.
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