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Brookhill Properties
Raphael Toledano founded Brookhill Properties in 2015. The firm acquired a portfolio of 16 buildings from the Tabak family for $97 million.

Brookhill Properties operates, owns, and develops residential properties in the State of New York.

Brookhill Properties is committed to making East Village one of the finest urban areas in the United States.

The Brookhill Properties team constantly improves their facilities and services for clients.

Brookhill Properties is solely dedicated to providing quality apartments in New York. They invest in long-term asset management and high-end renovations in Manhattan, allowing for a rich cultural experience and local flavor.

About Raphael Toledano

In 2009, Rafael Toledano began his career in real estate. This is considered to be the worst economic period since the Great Depression. Despite his lack of experience or knowledge in real estate, Raphael Toledano was driven by ambition and determination to succeed.

During his first year at Weissman Real Estate, Raphael sacrificed countless hours to achieve his objectives. The next years were extremely successful. Despite his desire to go it alone, Raphael stayed another year at Weissman Real Estate and shared the profits with Mark Weissman as an act of gratitude.

In addition to hiring salespeople, Raphael was able to tie up and flip many deals after going on his own. He was able to close his own deals with this amount of capital, first with partners and then on his own.

In 2015, he founded his real estate company, Brookhill Properties.

Raphael Toledano supports food pantries and shelters in East Village through his charitable works. He also supports Project Extreme, which helps teens who have negative results in life.

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