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Suresh Deman

Prof. Suresh Deman
B.Sc. MA (India), MA&ABD(US), M.Phil. (UK) & Ph.D. (Japan)
Visiting Professor,
Director & Consultant
& Advisor, Barefoot Layers Training Institute
PO Box 17517
London SE9 2ZP, UK
Academic Prifile of Dr. Suresh Deman

I am a specialist on Mergers and Acquisitions & Regulations, Corporate Governance, Financial Modelling and many other areas of Real Estate & Finance and Economics. My earlier work also involved Business Economics & Finance and Input Modelling for Impact Assessment. Most of my research has theoretical underpinning even in empirical work. I have had an opportunity work and lecture as a Chair/Professors/Readers at least in five other universities with a Ranking of 3A/4/5 in the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise [RAE] and have worked as a Post Graduate Research Coordinator & Subject Group and Unit Leader at one of the old Universities, New university and also overseas. In fact, Nottingham University one of the top Universities assessed my research at the level of RAE 4. I have considerable experience of consultancy in private, government and international organisations. I also have considerable variety of administrative experience in Higher Education involving ability to manage a team, contribute to e-tutoring and provide academic leadership.

I summarise my credentials as follows:


I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, two Masters degrees & ABD (from India & US) and was an M. Phil (UK) in Finance and Economics and a PhD (Japan). My major fields of interests are as follows: Real Estate Finance, Game theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Regional Urban Economics and Econometrics. I also have interest in the application of quantitative economics, econometrics and game theory to Economics, Finance and Accounting. My research work is entitled, "Studies in the Application of Game-theoretic Methods to Takeovers", a part of which is a reconsideration of some of the earlier work of Grossman and Hart (at Wharton School & Harvard) on Takeovers which is a mainstream topic of Applied Microeconomics (theory of the firm), Industrial Organisation and Corporate finance and has been published in the Advances in Econometrics and in the Special Issue of Managerial Decision Economics, 1994 and two other papers have been published in the Journal of Management and Governance 1999 and International Review of Financial Analysis, 2000. Besides I have two Chapters in the Proceedings of International Conferences published by Cambridge and Oxford respectively and I have published two books and have just finished editing two more books: Advances in The Theory of Hostile Takeovers: Game Theoretic Models and Econometric Estimation and other two books are under consideration. My recent work, "Corporate Spin-Off: Asymmetric Information", was presented at the World Game Theory Congress 2000. I have also organised two International Conferences on Game theory in Honor of Professors John Nash, CR Rao and Lloyd Shapley who was awarded Nobel Prize just before our conferences.


I have a wide range of teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels covering variety of courses in Economics & Finance to diverse group of students at least in 7 countries. However, major experience of teaching and research has been in various fields of economics both, in semester and annual scheme of examination. My main specialism is in the application of quantitative, game theory and econometrics techniques to decision making economics, finance and accounting. This is reflected in core final year B.A./B.Sc. courses, Microeconomic, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Corporate Finance, European Integration, Monetary Union, Regional Development, Quantitative Economics, Research Methods, and Advance Financial Statistics. These modules develop material taught on the second year economics, finance and quantitative modules, in order to introduce and critically appraise a wide variety of decision models available to economics, management and Regional Development. Modules are taken by 50-100 students annually. In addition, rather than provide tutorials for small groups, the students tackle specially designed problems in workshops of 25-30. My teaching returns would suggest that both the lectures and the workshop sessions are popular with students and shows commitment and enthusiasm for high quality teaching and learning.

During my stay at the Queen's University of Belfast and the University of Greenwich, I also taught some new courses: Real Estate & Finance, Financial Strategy, International Financial Management, International Finance and International Capital Markets which also contains are core courses for an accounting and financial management degree.

In addition to my undergraduate teaching, I also taught module open to all Masters students. The module entitled 'Corporate finance', Microeconomic, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Real Estate Finance, Monetary Union & Emerging Markets, Convergence of Markets in the Monetary Union, Regional Development, International Trade & Development, Quantitative Economics, Research Methods, Advanced Research Methods, International Capital Markets', 'International Financial Markets' are based on Financial Management Research and provide a vital link with the 'Econometrics' and 'Finance Theory' modules, in that it not only enables students to undertake theoretical and empirical work in financial markets, it also enables students to critically evaluate published research and provide insights in this area.

As a consequence of my research and postgraduate teaching interests I have supervised several Masters, M. Phil and PhD dissertations in the area of finance and economics, Convergence of Capital Markets in Europe, Regional Development, Corporate Takeovers, Corporate Governance, Building Societies, Micro-Finance, Emerging Capital Markets and takeover activities in other sectors of the economy.


Initially my administration tasks were not too onerous, but in September 1992 I became coordinator for Faculty Seminars. In that capacity I had an opportunity to invite and interact with top ranking people in the profession from all over the world. In 1994 I attended Post-Graduate Research Supervision Workshop and became coordinator of Post-Graduate Research. As the coordinator I served on the Faculty Post-Graduate Committee and had an opportunity to evaluate applications and supervision of for PhDs/MPhil, developed curriculum in Finance, coordinated the development and delivery of taught modules at UG and PG levels, ensuring quality procedures in compliance with QAA, wrote guidelines for supervision and provided guidance to students, monitored students progress at all levels, engaged in examination process and coordinating with external and internal examiners, conducted and published research of a scholarly nature, etc. My international experience has also contributed to overseas promotional activities and I was involved in staff development and timetabling. I continue to engage in teaching and lecturing and an Honorary Director of Centre for Finance & Economics and I was Head of School of Management at the Central University of Rajasthan, India.


To manage your account subscription or change your password, visit the account details page. Powered by I have considerable research experience in finance, economics and accounting. I have published a number of papers in refereed journals using interdisciplinary approach and had an opportunity to participate and present papers in several international meetings including International Conference on Performance Measurement-Theory and Practice and International Symposium on Energy and Environmental Regulation held at Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge and Hertford College, Oxford respectively and a UNEP Workshop on Environmental Economics in Singapore in which I contributed a paper to a volume on environmental accounting addressing corporate, social and affirmative action issues within local and global environment. My main research interests lay in the field of application of quantitative techniques, game theory and econometrics to economics, finance and accounting. In fact, I have published quite a few papers in the area of economics and finance (two of them are joint with Dr. Debasis Chaudhry and Dr Kaung Wei-Wen and other papers are single author), which are widely cited (see, Journal of Economic Literature & Social Sciences Citation Index, Web), which addresses issue of Regional Development, Real Estate & Urban Development and Emerging Capital Markets within Europe. I was invited to serve on the Expert Group of UNEP/UNCTAD in the US & Japan. During 1994 to present some of my consultancy work has developed into academic research, which I was able to publish in the referred journals. I was also invited to contribute four short articles on various aspects of finance, including 'Finance and Game theory' in the Encyclopedia Dictionary of Finance, published by Blackwell, 1997. My research was rated at RAE 4 level by University of Nottingham in 2001. I have also obtained research funding from external sources. The above background has helped me in developing self?confidence, which enables me to accept new challenges and responsibilities.


In addition to the receipt of Young Social Scientist Award from the University Grants Commission for 1983-1988, my professional standing is evidenced in three further ways. Firstly, my services are being increasingly called upon as a referee for a number of leading academic finance and economics journals. I currently act as an ad hoc reviewer for eight journals. Secondly, I worked as a visiting professor in Australia, Poland, Japan, New Zealand, etc. Thirdly, I have played a key role in a series of Conferences sponsored by the European Financial Management, UNEP & UNCTAD and professional bodies and also served on the UNEP/UNCTAD Expert Group. I have presented plenary papers, acted as a referee for prospective papers and as an invited Chairperson and discussant for American Economic Association, International Conference in Accounting & Governance, Financial Management Association, Royal Economic Society, Econometrics Society Meetings, Regional Science Meetings, etc. The Financial Management Association International selected my papers as one of the best papers an awarded grant to present it. I also had an opportunity to present my paper in a very prestigious International Conference on Game-theory and Its Application held in honor of Professor Robert Aumann. I not only had an opportunity to meet with a number of Noble Laureates in economics but 3 Nobel Laureates also had attended my presentation in Israel. I had a rare honor of being taught and supervised by well known Professors in economics, finance and statistics, Professor C.R. Rao, Reuben Slesinger, Edward Green, Douglas Gale, Samuel Zamir, Asatoshi Maeshiro, John Doukas, Wayne Marr, Nick Wilson, etc. Recently, I was invited to present my paper in a special session of FMA held in Hawaii, which was chaired by Professor Michael Fishman.

The above background gives me great degree of confident. I have designed a new strategy linking teaching, research and personal development using a complementary approach. I am fully committed to equal opportunities and do not to tolerate less favourable treatment on the grounds of disability, age, racial origin, and religious persuasion and/or on the basis of gender.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully,

Prof. Suresh Deman, PhD
Visiting Professor,
Honorary Director & Consultant
& Adviser, Barefoot Layers Training Institute

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