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Silvia Fazzo

via Paolo Sarpi 9
20154 Milano Italia
A research fellow at UNIUPO since 2018, Silvia Fazzo (Abilitazione ASN professore ordinario 2017) is philosopher and a classicist with an especially wide range of skills. Her way of approaching Greek texts proved ground breaking in various fields and subject matters. While focussing on ancient philosophy, she’s a specialist in philology and Rezeptionsgeschichte of the Greek philosophical texts. In the new millennium she often dealt with the Aristotelian tradition and with Aristotle’s Metaphysics, whose stemma codicum she has now drawn anew. In the previous one, she specialized on Alexander of Aphrodisias and on the system of Aristotle's commentary tradition. Volumes of hers include Il libro Lambda della Metafisica di Aristotele (2012, with critical edition), Commento al libro Lambda della Metafisica di Aristotele (2014), Aporia e sistema (2002, with critical editions from Alexander of Aphrodisias' Quaestiones). Papers include ‘The Metaphysics from Aristotle to Alexander of Aphrodisias (2012), Heavenly matter in Aristotle, Metaphysics Lambda 2 (2013), .” ‘Being’ (τὸ ὄν) as said of predicates in the critical text of Aristotle, Metaphysics Lambda” ; “Mover as Pure Act or Unmoved Mover in Act? The Mystery of a Subscript Iota”, “The first account of Aristotle’s Metaphysics in fourteen books: Alexander of Aphrodisias’ ‘fragment Zero”. Some of her writings also innovates in methodology, see “Toward a « critical translation » of Alexander of Aphrodisias’ De principiis, based on the indirect tradition of Syriac and Arabic sources” (with M. Zonta), “Aristotle’s Metaphysics - current research to reconcile two branches of the tradition” (Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, 2016), “Lo stemma codicum della Metafisica di Aristotele” (Revue d’Histoire des Textes 2017); “Verso una nuova edizione della Metafisica di Aristotele: desiderata e prospettive”, "Editing Aristotle's Metaphysics: why should Harlfinger's stemma be verified? "(2014), "Towards a Textual History and Reconstruction of Alexander of Aphrodisias’s Treatise On the Principles of the Universe" (with Mauro Zonta, 2014). For further details ask her by mail or visit her webpage and her website:
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