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Torsten Bohn

Luxembourg Institute of Health
1 A-B, rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen

12/2002 Ph.D. : Human Nutrition, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland, Department of Food Science and Nutrition (note: no grades assigned for Ph.D. in Switzerland)
Dissertation : “Magnesium Absorption in Humans” (all in English).
Advisors: Richard F. Hurrell, Lena Davidsson, Peter Kastenmayer

10/1997 Diploma as “State-Approved Food-Chemist”, Ministry of Labor, Women, and Social Affairs, Wiesbaden, Germany (Magna Cum Laude)

10/1996 M.S. equivalent Final Diploma in Food Chemistry, University Frankfurt/Main, Germany (Magna Cum Laude)

10/1994 First Diploma in Chemistry and Botany, University Frankfurt/Main, Germany (Summa Cum Laude)

Academic Appointments:

11/2008- present Research Unit Leader Nutrition & Toxicology (ca. 25 persons), CRP-Gabriel Lippmann (CRP-GL), Department of Agro-Biotechnologies, Luxembourg (Prof. Dr. Lucien Hoffmann).
02/2007-11/2008 Project Leader, CRP-GL, Luxembourg
01/2003-10/2006 Post-doctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University (OSU), Department of Food Science and Technology, Columbus, OH (Prof. Steven J. Schwartz)
01/1998-12/2002 Ph.D. Student at ETH Zurich, Laboratory of Human Nutrition, Switzerland (Prof. R.F. Hurrell)

Research Experience:
Since 01/2016: Project Leader, Luxembourg Institute of Health

02/2007-12/2015 Project Leader, CRP-GL, Luxembourg
♦ Writing research grants (nutrition, food safety and food quality)
♦ Establishing a new Nutrition & Toxicology unit at the CRP-GL
♦ Supervising projects and researchers working on: Endocrine disruptors in foods (PCB, atrazine) and their effect on the proteome; investigating xenobiotics and heavy metals by NanoSIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry techniques) in living organisms; factors impacting carotenoid and polyphenol uptake by Caco-2 cell studies, studying impact of carotenoids and polyphenols on inflammatory markers
01/2003-10/2006 Post-doctoral Researcher: OSU, Columbus, OH
♦ Developed and conducted human clinical studies investigating the
impact of a novel soy/tomato functional food on human health
♦ Implemented and improved techniques to determine phyto-
chemicals (carotenoids, isoflavones, lignans, phytosterols), oxidative stress, and blood lipid biomarkers in humans, using e.g. HPLC-PDA, HPLC-ECD, HPLC-MS/MS, ELISA, spectrophotometric methods
♦ Participated in collaborative studies with Departments of Nutrition
(isoflavone absorption from ileostomic subjects and pigs), Animal Science (pro-vitamin A carotenoids in cattle feeds), and food companies (phytosterols in functional foods, avocados as a lipid source to increase carotenoid absorption)
♦ Planned and wrote research proposal grants on soy and tomato products, both as collaborator and co-PI
♦ Designed study protocols
01/1998-12/2002 Ph.D.: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
♦ Designed and conducted human clinical trials and in vitro studies,
uncovered nutritional factors influencing magnesium absorption (e.g. phytate, oxalate, minerals)
♦ Established new analytical techniques to determine magnesium
absorption by means of stable isotopes, employing AAS, TIMS, ICP-MS, in vitro digestion methods
♦ Evaluated the role of chlorophyll in magnesium nutrition
♦ Assisted conducting iron, calcium, and iodine nutritional studies
04-11/ 1997 Internship: Federal Food Laboratory, Giessen, Germany
♦ Analyzed and wrote reports on quality of food, water, cosmetics and
nutraceutical products according to national and European legislation
10/1996-03/1997 Internship: Nutricia Europe, Friedrichsdorf, Germany
♦ Development of methods to quantify PAH’s in oils and infant food formulas, participation in interlaboratory ring-analyses (3. place)
07-09/1996 Research Project: University Frankfurt, Germany
♦ Synthesis of cyclodextrins, application for chiral GC- analyses of analgetics

Awards and Honors:
2012 Award for Oral Presentations at Food Congress, Antalya, Turkey, 2012
2008, 2012 Ambassador of Luxembourg for EFFOST European Food Congress 2008 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and 2012 (Antalya, Turkey).
2004 Nestlé Nutrition Price, Berne, Switzerland 2004

Membership in Professional Societies:
2015-present EU Cost Action Eurocaroten
2014-present EU Cost Action Positive
2012-present British Nutrition Society
2011-present EU-Cost Action Infogest
2010-present EU-Cost Action Mitofoods: Mitochondria Health FA 0602
2009-present American Chemical Society
1997-present German Society of Chemists
1997-present German Association of Food Chemists

Additional Activities:
- Editor-in-Chief International Journal of Vitamins and Nutrition Research (since 2014)
- Editor British Journal of Nutrition (since 2012)
- Editor Book “Nutrition, Well-Being and Health”, Intech, 2011
- Main organizer of NULUX-II nutrition conferences in Luxembourg, 04/2009, 05/2011, 10/2013
- Main organizer of PATHOLUX conferences in Luxembourg, 11/2010 and 09/2012
- Ambassador of the European Declaration of Food Technology, and health

Private Interests:
Astronomy, Triathlon
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