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Taiping Gao

College of Life Sciences
Capital Normal University
105 Xisanhuanbeilu,Haidian District
P. R. China

Dr. Taiping Gao

College of Life Sciences,
Capital Normal University

Research Interests:

The ectoparasitic insects
Ectoparasitic insects are some very interesting animal, including fleas, lice and others, which have a close relationship with humans. They cause many diseases, e.g. terrible "black death". Due to sparse records of putative ectoparasites, the origin, morphology, and early evolution of parasites and their associations with hosts are poorly known. We focus on the ectoparasitic insect fossils from Mesozoic of northeast of China. In recently research, we found some primitive flea fossils, showing many original characters of fleas, example the huge body size, long serrated stylets for piercing, etc. Based on these findings, we erected a family Pseudopulicidae Gao, Shih et Ren, 2012, they might have lived on and sucked the blood of relatively large hosts, such as contemporaneous feathered dinosaurs and/or pterosaurs or medium-sized mammals (also see the report, Gao et al., 2012, Current Biology).

Origin and evolution of Hymenopteran
Many hymenopteran fossils were found from the Mesozoic of northeast of China, these well-preserved fossils showed many interesting transitional characters of this group, tell us the story about how the lower hymenopteran changed during their early evolution. Very lucky, we have fossils from the Jurassic and Cretaceous, which highlight a broad diversity of hymenopteran insects in the Mesozoic.


B. S., Biology, Inner Mongolia University, 2005
M. S., Genetics, Capital Normal University, 2009
PhD, Genetics, Capital Normal University, 2013
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