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Anton Treskunov
Anton Treskunov graduated from the mathematics department at Moscow University. Dr. Treskunov completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Keldysh Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. His Ph.D. work focused upon issues related to the application of machine vision techniques for automated industrial inspection. In 1999, he moved to United States, where he worked as a multimedia software developer at Phantom Reality. In 2003-2009, Dr. Treskunov worked for Institute for Creative Technologies (University of Southern California) as the lead researcher. Among his many responsibilities, Dr. Treskunov oversaw software engineering decisions related to the development of various mixed reality projects. His research at ICT has been focused upon computer vision based techniques for enhancing tracking and rendering in mixed reality systems. In 2009, Anton joined Silicon valley based Computer Science Lab of Samsung Electronics; his research here targeted Human Computer Interaction and presentation of 3D information in novel ways. From 2011 to July 2015 Dr. Treskunov was a part of Visual Display lab inside California based Samsung User Experience center. His activity there was focused on rapid prototyping and research of the novel ways to interact with TVs.
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