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Moshe Stahl
Moshe Stahl is an American painter living in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The City College of New York and paints with acrylic colors and oil to create vivid rainbow pallets as well as black and white.

His work is incredibly detailed and multifaceted, with abstract forms and concrete subject matter. Moshe has exhibited at thirty solo exhibitions, as well as hundreds of exhibitions around the world. He's been awarded many times for his works; they can be found in public spaces and private collections alike. With additional experience in photography and sculpture, he currently focuses on painting today but still aims to create a sense of visual harmony within each piece that resonates with people.

When an artist paints acrylic, such as Moshe Stahl, they are able to create a painting with the use of just a few colors. Acrylic is perfect for those who have trouble with blending colors. However, when an artist uses acrylic, the painting will be thick and will not last long. Acrylic paintings are often seen in galleries that showcase contemporary artwork. You may find these paintings in any price range as well. If you would like to purchase one of these pieces of artwork, or would like to have your own piece of acrylic art made by an expert painter, continue on below!

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