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Rafi Toledano
Rafi Toledano started his career in the real estate world in 2009 - the worst economic period since the Great Depression. Despite not having professional knowledge in real estate, he persistently pursued his dream and became successful in this field.
Although doors were closed to new hires given the economy, Rafi found himself a home at Weissman Real Estate, a small firm in Lawrence, NY, which focused only on residential rentals and sales.

The benefits of ignorance led him to 'pound the pavement ', ultimately putting Weissman Real Estate on the multi-family sales map alongside all of NYC's other household names. Year one yielded nothing but education and experience!
The subsequent years were a great success for Rafi Toledano. He was the lone driver of his business within Weissman. He chose to stay at the firm for one year more and to share the commissions with it as an act of gratitude to Mark Weissman, who gave him the opportunity.

When Rafi decided to go out on his own, he has had great success. He hired salespersons, tied up, and flipped deals. This earned him a lot of money and prestige. Now he is the proud owner of approximately 20 NYC buildings, valued at $250mm +.

Moreover, Rafi Toledano (follow him on Twitter) is a proud sponsor of the food pantry and homeless shelter in the East Village. He also supports Project Extreme, which deals exclusively with unfortunate teens.
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