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Travis Herber
Travis Herberger was born and raised in Longview, Texas. For him, watercolors are a perfect medium because they are unpredictable. Travis Herberger loves capturing busy urban settings with lots of colors where people can be found bustling about everywhere throughout his paintings. He doesn't usually reduce things to make them stand out or create "pretty" pictures though.

For him, watercolor is the perfect medium. As much as he loves painting, he spends a lot of time drawing from photographs. Travis has been part of an art group for 5 years that meets weekly to draw live models while they talk about their ideas and take turns sketching each other’s work on location.

Travis Herberger has spent quite a bit of time in the Caribbean as a child and this travel bug has taken him to Europe, South America, Central America and Africa. Traveling opened his eyes to many different places that were colorful. Over the last few years he had some wonderful opportunities which consisted of having his watercolors featured on fine art show posters, marketing materials, magazine covers, and apparel.
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