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Maintaining an up-to-date publications list on the web is important for communicating your research and makes it easier for others to find and cite your work. But it can be hard work to maintain a web page, and an incomplete or out-of-date list gives a bad impression. solves this problem with an easy-to-use web based publications management system. It supports import and export to standard bibliography formats, hosting space for full text versions of papers (PDF), and a simple way to embed your list in your own home page and keep it up to date.

The Standard service is free of charge for managing and publishing your own publications list on The Professional version is available as a subscription which includes 500MB online space for uploading self-archived papers in PDF and the ability to seamlessly embedded the list in your own home page or web site [example site].

The standard version is FREE. Credit card payments for professional subscriptions are securely processed by Paypal. You do not need a paypal account.


Features Standard Professional
List editing and hosting
Import BibTex, Reference Manager, EndNote etc
Export in 8 standard formats
Pubmed import, monitoring and alerts
Links to full text versions
Additional notes on each entry
Static web page of titles and abstracts for search engines
Embedding in independent websites
Hosting for full text documents
Thumbnail images of each paper
PriceFREE £9.95 per year
£24.95 for 3 years


Users of the Standard version can upgrade to the Professional version at any time.

All payments are handled by our secure independent payment provider. No credit card details are collected or stored by PublicationsList. Payment may be made in your local currency at the exchange rate applicable at at the time of purchase.

Faculty members can also get the benefits of the Professional version as part of a group subscription or site license.