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Embedding a list in other web pages

Publications lists can be embedded in web pages that are hosted elsewhere, such as personal or departmental web pages. The instructions below explain the steps involved in including publications within another web page. See also embedding a group's publications in a web page. Note that this feature requires an individual or group subscription to Publications List Professional - it is not available with the free Standard edition.

There are two sample pages: Sample 1 (full list) or Sample 2 (selected publications) that can also be used as starting points.


  1. Register as normal, add your publications and publish your list, noting the user name you choose for the published list (typically first_name.initial.last_name - in this example 'joe.a.bloggs').
    Check that your subscription to Publications List Professional is valid on your Subscription page.
  2. Make sure your web page has a valid DOCTYPE declaration, before the <html> tag, e.g.
    This is needed to tell Internet Explorer to render the page using its modern 'standards' engine rather than its older 'backwards compatibility / quirks' mode.
  3. In the web page where the list is to be shown, add the following line to the <head> section:
    This loads the stylesheet for rendering the publications, abstracts etc.
  4. Inside the page, where you want the list to be inserted, add the following three lines, replacing "joe.a.bloggs" with the user name for the list:

    The first line creates a block on the page where the list will be inserted.
    The script loaded with the next line contains the data for the list.
    The last line loads another script that generates the HTML and slots it in.

Now, whenever the local page is viewed it will incorporate the list of publications. No further action is required - the page will always show the most recently published list from


Advanced options

To show only selected publications, make sure the publications in the list are tagged with the appropriate keywords/tags (by editing the keywords field). The text from step 3 above should be replaced by the following (but replace the example keyword "semantic web" with the one corresponding to the publications you want included, and pick a real user id rather than 'joe.a.bloggs') (sample page with selected publications)

To include more than one list in a single page, you need to give unique IDs to the target divs, and set a javascript variable 'target_div' to this ID. The example below has two divs for the lists, with ids list1 and list2, and includes different subsets of the same list twice in the page, but you can also embed lists from different people within a page (e.g. to present all the group's publications on one page). (sample page with multiple lists)

The style of the block that contains the publications can be set with standard CSS attributes, either in the stylesheet, or in the <head> block of the page itself, for example the two sample pages have the following style settings in the head block: