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Embedding a group's publications list in a web page

It is possible to embed a group publications list within a group / department's own web page. The group list combines the individual lists of members and removes any duplicates, so this makes a simple way to keep the departmental website up to date with no administration needed beyond encouraging group members to keep their own list up to date. See also embedding an individual list in a web page.

It is possible to include all publications on one page, arranged by year [sample 1], or alternatively to display publications for each year its own page [sample 2]. Lists can be filtered by keyword/tag too; if group members add keywords to relevant publications (e.g. a topic like 'Neuroscience', marking significant publications '***', or entering a grant number like 'G12345'), then the subset lists can be included in your pages ([sample 3]).

[New in Oct 2009] You can now embed a search window for searching your group's publications (metadata and full text). See embedding a search window and adding a mini search area to your pages.

For an example of what can be done, look at SenPEP's group publications list (University of Helsinki)

N.B. This feature requires a Group subscription to Publications List Professional - it is not available with the free Standard edition.

There are a number of sample pages which can be used as starting points for copying / pasting into your own web site (the look of these pages has been kept basic to keep the HTML source simple).

The instructions below describe how to include a group publications list in your own web pages, and require a basic knowledge of HTML. It is also possible to add links from external web pages to your group publications list hosted on (see your group account pages for details).

A. Setting up your group account

  1. Create a group account (a free trial is available), and invite group members to set up and publish their own publications lists. Instructions for doing this are on the group account page. Note your Group ID (e.g. '1234') which will be needed for fetching the group publications.
  2. Check that the group publications list page (the 'Publications' button from your group account page) is displaying the group publications list OK. If there are no publications listed, make sure group members have joined the group and pressed their 'Publish' button. The group publications list page will be at a URL like the one below, with your group ID in place of '1234':

B. Including group lists in your own web pages

  1. Make sure your web page has a valid DOCTYPE declaration, before the <html> tag, e.g.
    This is needed to tell Internet Explorer to render the page using its modern 'standards' engine rather than its older 'backwards compatibility / quirks' mode.
  2. In the web page where the list is to be shown, add the following line to the <head> section:
    This loads the stylesheet for rendering the publications, abstracts etc.
  3. Inside the page, where you want the list to be inserted, add the following three lines, replacing 1234 with your own Group ID, shown on your group account page:

    The first line creates a block on the page where the list will be inserted.
    The second line includes the javascript for displaying publications.
    The last line loads the latest version of the group publications and displays them (change '1234' to your own group ID)

Now, whenever the your web page is viewed it will incorporate the combined group's list of publications. No further action is required - the page will always show the most recently published lists from sample 1: full list on one page,

C: Advanced options

D: [New in Oct 2009] Adding a search interface